Welcome to Transported by Technology!

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Welcome to Transported by Technology, my brand new blog (the name for which is unashamedly stolen from the London Transport Museum, who have an exhibition named Transported by Design)! My name’s Mike, I’m a 27 (soon-to-be 28) year old from Bedford, UK. I have two main areas of interest, I’ll give you three guesses as to what these are based on the blog title….. will give you a hint, it’s not cheese and biscuits (though these are nice!)

I plan on using this as a platform to write about developments in both these areas that particularly interest me, and I feel might interest others also – might be the more random post thrown in for good measure too!

The first blog entry (aside from this intro) is about rail ticketing – which some may admittedly find rather uninteresting – but I promise the blog will have a variety of musings as we go along.

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